Shield Network

A Pre-Audited Token Launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project is the solution towards mitigating scams and rugpulls. Our goal is to let investors put their money into new projects with confidence. A token with purpose.

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Request a premium smart contract security audit

Request a premium smart contract security audit.
Get an in-depth audit of your project, increase your token value and give peace of mind to your current and future investors.
We have partnered up with Solid Group to further advance the mission of both of our projects, which is to create an environment in DeFi, that is safe and welcoming for investors new and old. Committed to defeat illegitimacy and outright scams from the DeFi space.

What you would get from our audit:
• A report showing all discovered vulnerabilities and suggested solutions on how to solve them.
• Promotion on all of our platforms of the complete audit.
• A full video made by our graphics team regarding the completion of your audit and a brief introduction to your project.

What is Shield Network?

“Shield Network strives to become the principal pre-audited cryptocurrency token launchpad. Our central purpose is to expose scam projects, guarantee safety to investors, and instill confidence in the cryptocurrency market in its entirety. Our approach will be to implement methodical smart contract auditing, KYC verification, and tokenomics safety measures for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) launched on the Binance Smart Chain.”

Auto Burn

1% of every Shield tokens are burned forever. This means that the total supply will decrease after every transaction.

Frictionless Staking

Frictionless auto staking by using the transaction tax to add 1% split amongst holders for every transaction.


The people behind Shield Network and our goal

“The Shield Network Team and Vision”
“Shield Network is a dedicated team consisting of 7 developers with several others serving on the marketing and design team. Their vision is to make the cryptocurrency market a safer place for all investors.” “With the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, the market has been flooded with new investors who often invest with limited or non-existent knowledge of the proliferation of scam, “rug-pull”, or “pump-and-dump” projects. The number of these exploitative projects has grown exponentially and will continue to do so as the market expands. Failure to vet such projects would lead to a detrimental risk to new investors that would damage the perception of the cryptocurrency market.” “Shield Network foresees scam projects as a problem that will never go away, but one that can be mitigated. That is why Shield Network will be creating the first pre-audited token launchpad that will give investors the confidence and assurance to invest in new projects.” “Additionally, the project will seek to focus on establishing and helping the community. Their intent is to provide investors with advice on how to trade and invest in a safe manner, minimize risk and losses, and ultimately, maximize gains. The team believes this to be much needed in the cryptocurrency space and hopes that their efforts will create a positive impact throughout the cryptocurrency community.”


Why should you buy and hold the Shield Network token and how will it bring value to you as an investor?

SHIELDNET is Shield Network’s utility token, which will be used to access different services in our network’s ecosystem.


In every transaction 1% of the SHIELDNET tokens are burned forever. 1% is redistributed amongst our holders, and another 4% is added to the liquidity, rising the price floor and value of the token, making it less volatile in the long run.

Shield Network token

The Shield Pad auditing platform has multi-faceted investment value. First and foremost, the Shield Pad will be a safe and trusted platform for investors to find project that have been thoroughly vetted before reaching the market. Secondly, holders will be able to access IDO offerings on our pre audited launch platform. There will be 3 different tiers, Guardian, Audited and Decentralized launch. The different IDO tiers will be accessible to investors who hold a specific minimum amount of Shield Network tokens. Next, it will function as a marketing tool for new projects due to access to the large Shield Network investor base. Finally, it provides the Shield Network project with an income stream via listing fees to fund other aspects of the project and marketing. Giving our holders more services and utility functions, growing and expanding our platform and ecosystem. 50% of the listing fee will be used to buy and burn Shield Network tokens, forever increasing the price floor of the token.


Road Map

Shield Network is aiming to be the next big BSC platform. We are in the early stage and plan to focus on marketing and building a strong community. Then we will focus on several listings, develop our pre-audited launch pad and expand our team.



✓ Shield network project launch.
✓ Website and social media accounts.
✓ Marketing Campaign and community building.
✓ Listings on Pancake Swap, Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko and Blockfolio.
✓ Verification and validation of ShieldPad.
✓ Interviews with Prospective ShieldPad Launch Projects.
✓ Smart Contract Auditing.
✓ Migrate the contract over to pancake v2.



✓ Expand team via hiring additional solidity Developers.
✓ Launch of Shieldpad.
✓ Creating layout design for the index.html page.
✓ Coding the index.html
✓ Creating a layout design for projects.html page.
✓ Coding the projects.html (Projects is a page where there will be a list of the projects we will be launching and upcoming projects including short info about the project.)
✓ Coding the connect wallet platform (Metamask & Trustwallet).
✓ Implementing SHA256.
✓ Going through the overall css (Finalising the design).
✓ Appling mobile & tablet responsiveness.
✓ Implementing the API (for the shieldLaunchPad App).
✓ Testing the Metamask & Trust wallet connectivity.
✓ Ensuring the connectivity between Metamask/Trustwallet and ShieldPad is secure.



✓ 2nd YouTube video with the 2nd CEO DOXXing publicly
✓ Add ConnectWallet (web3 injection) to ShieldPad.io
✓ Add Trust Wallet (web3 injection) to ShieldPad.io
✓ Wait for the audit by the SolidGroup
✓ Fix up all the possible errors with current version of the smart contracts
✓ Deploy the ShieldPad.io smart contracts
✓ Connect the web3 injection with the ShieldPad.io once the audits are ready.
✓ Fix up all the small errors (grammar, mistakes)
✓ Add the staking page to the ShieldPad.io
✓ Run the staking testnet (safety comes first)
✓ Connect staking to ShieldPad.io
✓ Announce our new partnership (a safer DeFi space collaboration & staking pools)
✓ Airdrop/Reward campaigns
✓ Hiring security specialist to try to hack the connection between the wallet & shieldPad.
• Announce the release and start the preparation for ShieldVault
• Launch of the ShieldVault token
• Launch of the first few token on ShieldPad.io
• Create info-graphic & icon-graphic marketing video of “what is shield network and what is its main purpose/use case”

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Shield Network Listings

And we’re just getting started.

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How to Buy ShieldNetwork token

PancakeSwap Instructions

How to buy

Step 1

Buy BNB (Smartchain) on Binance or any exchange that supports BNB smartchain.

Step 2

Send BNB (Smartchain) to your trustwallet or metamask.

Step 3

Go to shieldnetwork.io and click the “Buy on pancakeswap” option.

Step 4

When on pancakeswap, copy the link, paste it in your metamask or trust wallet.

Step 5

Go to the top right corner to change to binance smartchain network.

Step 6

Connect wallet.

Step 7

Swap any BNB smartchain amount of your choice for Shield.

Step 8

After swap confirmation, a pop up notification is seen on the page.

Step 9

If the transaction fails, do not panic, click on the settings on your swap page and set slippage between 2-10%.

Step 10

To view your SHIELD, add custom token to metamask/trustwallet using the token contract Adress.
How to buy

Confirm the transaction and... HODL!